Debbie DegensteinHello, My name is Debbie Degenstein, and I am the owner of Denali Circle Limited.

I am a Landman, mother, widow, connector, promotor, visualizer, entrepreneur, trail blazer, go-getter, volunteer, networker, mentor, recruiter, speaker and much more!

In my professional life I was the President/Owner of Pinnacle Consulting Services. Over 30 years I worked to place hundreds of Land Professionals, as employees or consultants, in to over 200 Oil and Gas companies. In the starting days it was unusual to see women employed in professional roles in Oil Companies. Over time I helped many people, including many women, get started in their first roles, grow and earn positions of prominence. We worked through the glass ceiling of the day. I also worked to get many indigenous individuals their first roles and worked with them to overcome many challenges, to becoming accepted and thriving in their roles.

Additionally, I was very active representing our related Energy Associations.

Outside of work, I worked actively with Hearts of Courage, raising money for our veterans, and as an active volunteer for Junior Achievers.

Moving forward my vehicle for business is Denali Circle.

I have a new vision for my business ventures, and it is focused on Indigenous business development.

I am a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta and a member of Region No. 3, living in Calgary. I am also a proud member of Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. I am looking to find ways to promote both individuals and businesses that have an Indigenous focus. Currently there is much discussion about Reconciliation, and I have been attending many events and listening carefully. It appears to me that the best road forward is to provide and encourage economic development of Indigenous people and groups. I am largely impressed by the book by Carol Anne Hilton and the surrounding concepts of ‘Indigenomics’.

“Economic reconciliation is the space between the lived realities of Indigenous peoples, the need to build understanding of the importance of the Indigenous relationship, and the requirement for progressive actions for economic inclusion. It is through economic reconciliation that Indigenous peoples are creating a seat at the modern economic table.”

To this end, I am looking to find and promote people, businesses and ideas that will lead to progress through prosperity.

This will involve

  1. Continued work in Land services, by providing experts to engage in special projects.
  2. Introduce and promote Indigenous businesses and ideas beneficial to Indigenous groups.
  3. Speakers, Consultants and others with Expertise to share (for fee, or free) their knowledge that advances Indigenous business and Reconciliation.

We are at a unique point in history. There is a large and growing resurgence in Indigenous rights and working towards establishing and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship between Indigenous and nonindigenous peoples in this country. This is a good and wonderful transformation.

I do not believe in every movement, claim or demand. I have seen, time and again, the benefits that occur with better employment, business building and mutually respectful practices between and with Indigenous groups. It is my vision to help promote this in whatever way I can.