Denali Circle Is Looking To Connect Buyers With Sellers

The ever-changing landscape of Oil and Gas means there is always an opportunity available. The secret is to find the right people at the right time. As a Connector, Debbie has a wide range of contacts who have a wide range of contacts. If you are an investor, divestor or have an interesting business opportunity, give us a call. Our projects range from Indigenous specific to international opportunities. 

Coming Soon 

We are working on a project to provide Environmental Services to First Nations groups. We will update this section with more information as it comes together! If you have a need in this area, please contact us. 

Oil and Gas Service Company For Sale or Franchise Style 

We have a unique opportunity that will be of interest to operators of wells or service companies, especially those concerned with providing ecological service, nontoxic to humans, safe for environment and equipment and much in demand

We are representing and oil and gas service company that could be of great interest to:

  • First Nations Companies with oil and gas services wishing to add a critical service to their portfolio
  • First Nations that operate their own wells and would like to add a cost-effective service to provide employment and skill development
  • First Nations members who have wellsite skills and are looking to start a business or add a line to their business

This is a unique opportunity that is very much needed and requires only standard training to operate.

This will also be a valuable service for companies involved in the remediation of shut in, orphaned or abandoned wells.