John Snow Jr.

John is a member of the Stoney Nakoda First Nation, Treaty 7, and direct descendent of the treaty signer Chief Goodstoney. John is well respected for his Indigenous teachings, recognising the political, financial, and social realities that exists in a bicultural society.  

John holds multiple international degrees, a 30-year career span in Energy, from hands on, to senior governance roles shaping Canada’s Resource Development. Further, John is a Reverend in The United Church of Canada.

John’s story is one of bridging and connecting diverse worlds, communities, and people.  As an interpreter, communicator, educator, and transformational leader, he brings together groups with widely divergent views, to find optimal outcomes for all involved.

John Speaks On Enbridge Line 3

John has fascinating stories, insights and lessons to be learned in working with large scale indigenous projects. Currently John is speaking about the success of Enbridge Line 3. To book consulting or talks, Please Contact Deb directly.

John Snow Jr., Co-Chair (IAMC)
Indigenous Advisory and Monitoring Committee, Line 3 

Enbridge Line 3 involved the laying of 1,100 km of 48” pipe, across three provinces and 109 distinct Indigenous groups- and was still completed on time and on budget, without blockades, racial tension or public fighting, through significant collaboration garnered from all parties involved.

Pipeline development in Canada has met with significant resistance from various groups. This has ranged from legal challenges to human blockades, to cancelled projects. The cost in terms of time, capital and relationships has become enormous. 

Enbridge Line 3 was challenged to build a massive pipeline, crossing Indigenous, provincial, and national boundaries. The existing Line 3 pipeline was 48 years old and represented a $5.3 billion investment- the largest project in Enbridge’s history. The Line 3 project involved the replacement of 1,067 kilometres of existing pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta, to Gretna, Manitoba, with new thicker pipeline built to modern specifications.

John Snow Jr. was asked to become the founding Co-Chair, moderator and facilitator of the IAMC committee. His multi year works on the committee focused on finding common ground and resolutions, involving 109 First Nations and Metis Nations, across the three provinces. This included meetings in person with local Chiefs and Councils, representatives and related parties, along with members from NEB (Canada Energy Regulator), Enbridge and The Canadian Government. 

 John now speaks about the project, key stories, lessons learned, and advice for anyone working on Indigenous related projects. 

 For more information on booking meetings or talks by John Snow, please call or email Debbie directly.

Harvey Duncan – Tangible Results

Harvey has been a long-term associate of Debbie’s for both business and personal consulting. 

Life Coaching 

For over 20 years Harvey has helped people shape their lives, achieve new outcomes and set themselves on course for a life filled with growth, excitement, and achievement. Harvey is a consummate studier of techniques, processes and frameworks that allow him to quickly assess a persons situation and provide specific ideas, exercises and practices that rapidly help people get on track and remain focused to achieve outcomes of value. 

Goal Setting – everyone is at a different stage in life. Some people are dealing with difficult situations, some are looking to hit a home run and others are doing okay- but know they need better directions and choices. It is important to treat each situation according to unique needs. Harvey has a broad toolset and adapts to your needs, including powerful processes for significant single goals, year-based progressive goal setting, lifetime goal setting, and lifestyle architecture. He takes people from wherever they are, to laser focused and happily hitting new milestones and achieving great results. 

Harvey is the creator of over two dozen courses, processes and techniques. Ranging from advanced stress reduction, to finding ideal relationships, health and wellness, personal achievement and much more. Many of these practices use sophisticated tools drawn from extensive studies in NLP, EFT, and over a dozen psychological schools of thought. He offers world class advanced transformational techniques for committed clients. 

Business Consulting 

Building on an international technology career in sales, marketing, management and consulting, Harvey now focuses on small to medium size businesses. Although trained in many business strategies from big organisations he uses the more workable framework from Gerber’s “The E-Myth”, as a foundation to get smaller companies prepared to move up to the next level. The biggest challenge is always to help leaders who have come from a technical background, to now do the work of the builder, the entrepreneur. This process typically includes education, coaching and consulting to prepare the Owner /Leader and company so that it can expand rapidly and profitably. 

Harvey specialises in strategic growth, company organisation, effective marketing and sales. Given that most businesses greatest need is more sales, there is a concerted focus on creating compelling marketing messages, strategic positioning, powerful visual presentation, and convincing materials designed to attract the right clients. Similarly, there needs to be training for the owner, leaders and salespeople on how to effectively build relationships, create rapid movement through the sales cycle, closing business and maximising repeat business.   

Harvey has developed many different processes to both speed the personal growth of the owner/entrepreneur and to position their company for substantial growth.